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We always talked about a very simple but unique wedding. This however was very difficult for us to achieve as both of us are not patient when it comes to planning and putting ideas into reality. This meant a Wedding Planner was a must! Time was not on our side as we decided to move our wedding day up 4months earlier as we thought it best to incorporate the wedding into our already planned vacation in Orlando. On June 8th we contacted Danielle Handfield – Pardo of Unique Elements Wedding & Events LLC. We tossed out the idea to her regarding our plans, quickly she jumped into actions. From the moment of the first contact to even days after the Wedding (July 27th 2018), she was still in touch with us. Her strong support throughout our journey made everything absolutely all I dreamt about. Surprisingly, I didn’t even had a melt done, or had to turn into a Brideziller ? Unique Elements Wedding & Events LLC took care of every single aspect that I dreaded (decor, flowers, prop rental etc.). I had a rough idea in my mind and they would take it away and refine it until it became an exquisite detail. THAT takes talent as well as a strong commitment and dedication to a job well done! The compliments that were expressed after the wedding regarding the choice in the beautiful the venue, the decor and the design was and honestly the vision came together only because I had Unique Elements Wedding & Events LLC on it the whole time. Get a wedding planner like Unique Elements Wedding & Events LLC and you honestly don’t have to stress about a single thing on the day of your wedding. Most brides look back and say that their wedding day was probably one of the most stressful days of their lives, running around, ensuring things are moving according to plan. For me, my wedding day was one of the most relaxing days of my life. It was completely stress-free and not once did I ever cared about the schedule or even glanced at it. That’s really the crux of hiring an awesome wedding planner. Unique Elements Wedding & Events LLC moved seamlessly and effortlessly behind the scenes the whole day and made my wedding day such a dream! Thank you Danielle Handfield – Pardo and the entire team from Unique Elements Wedding & Events LLC; Deanza and Shekerah will always keep you all in our hearts and we with a grateful heart we say Thank You for everything you have done to make our wedding day a reality.
— Shekerah W 07/27/2018
Working with Unique Elements in preparation for our wedding was the best decision I had made leading up to our special day. Danielle worked with me from inception to completion and I was highly impressed with the professionalism and care taken to plan our day. She assisted with the ordering of items, right down to the cake tasting. I felt comfortable the entire time trusting her with EVERY DETAIL. I told her my colors and my vision and she blew our minds.

Our wedding was originally planned for October 22nd 2017 however was postponed due to Hurricane Irma and Maria that caused much destruction throughout the Caribbean Islands. Due to the change of date our original vendors were also unable to accommodate us, which meant we were tasked with finding a new location, setting a new date etc, all of this while recovering from a Cat 5 hurricane.

It was the most stressful time of my life, but Danielle helped to keep me calm and focus the entire time. She was able to do all of this across the seas as I reside in the Turks and Caicos Islands and she in the United States.

A new date, and venue was set within 2 months and we were able to enjoy the time of our lives on December 3rd 2017 at the Seven Stars Resort in the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands.

Thank you Unique Elements for your time and care which helped us to celebrate the best day of our lives.
— Arielle K 12/03/17
We are happy to say that this 1920s wedding will be published Friday, Nov. 10th. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work!
— Orange Blossom Brides 11/10/2017
I was able to work with Danielle for a 1920s wedding stylised session. She took initiatives and led the project as her own. Without her help, I really don’t know if it would ever happen because the weather was awful and few more difficulties while planning it. I highly recommend her as your wedding planner.
— Sally N, Simon & Sally Photography 10/02/17
Unique Elements brought everything I thought of to reality. From the invitations to the programs, I couldn’t have asked for a better job.
— Lynnaire H 12/10/16
Danielle did an excellent job with planning my bridal shower and wedding. She pays close attention to details and ensures that your event is a representation of who you are. She makes every effort to make your wishes into reality and if you are struggling to figure out/handle fine details you can trust her to help you hash it all out. Thanks, Unique Elements!
— Dr Holly H 08/13/16