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A few tips for planning your honeymoon

Congratulations, you are getting married!  You must be so excited to become MR and MRS. You should be! Marriage is such a beautiful union. If you are like me, you smile when you see an older couple holding hands and walking, or lovingly sharing a moment and think “ I hope to be like that someday”. You know, that kind of love that stuck through the ages. Ah, bliss…or it is it?

 A lot of times people talk about the “honeymoon phase” when you are all, "I love you and No I love you, but I love you more".. Most older couples that made it,  talk about their honeymoon phase never ending. Now there is something to think about. For that honeymoon phase to never end you do need to make the effort to understand each other (sorry for preaching this in This understanding and communicating each other’s needs is essential to having your  marriage be the ultimate honeymoon.

So, where are you going for your honeymoon?  Have you two decided on a place that interests the both of you? Maybe you are a camping or outdoors type of person. Maybe he likes to swim with dolphins. The perfect honeymoon is something that the two of you can enjoy.... See what I did there? It was a lay up (that is as much of a basketball reference that I would ever be able to give, sports guru I am not).  If I’ve lost you, let’s recap, understanding each other and communicating each other’s needs is the key to a honeymoon like marriage. So an ideal honeymoon that you both will enjoy should be one that encompasses both of your tastes and favorite activities for rest and relaxation.  Always start like you mean to finish, and yes, this includes where you honeymoon too. You are both equal in marriage and one person’s needs should never overshadow the other.

Thailand (1).png

There is a vast array of choices out there. The Caribbean offers a lot of variety, and being  the “Caribbean” it is like the best place ever for diving or boating or yes, swimming with the dolphins. I am sure most of you have heard of the Sandals and Beaches resorts chain. There is so much to offer when you book a Sandals or Beaches resort as a honeymoon destination. And oh, about that camping thing? They do a program that can sometimes include a group around a camp fire.  Wouldn’t that be nice? Or what about you taking yourself away from the world for a bit and spend your vacation in an over the water bungalow or villa? Checking it out is as easy as clicking here. Maybe the Caribbean is not your style. Maybe you do want to camp out in a dense forest and have more of an adventurous spirit for your honeymoon. Guess what? We can help you find that too (here).

We want to assist you in every area of your lives together. Our lives are better together. Things learnt along the way can only be beneficial if they are shared. Start your marriage off right, plan your marriage with the intention of forever being the  goal. So, plan your wedding day, and plan a banging honeymoon that you both would share secret smiles with each other about because you created memories that will withstand the tests of time.