Hey y’all, we are here today with some awesome news. I am so excited to share this with you today. We were talking about budgeting and thinking about our wedding planning with more logical and strategic measures so that we can live our lives with no regrets. We spoke about taking steps to avoid making the most common mistakes that brides can sometimes make during planning. So today I am excited to share about this wonderful, wonderful, treasure that has now opened up in the Orlando area.

We all love when we come across a hidden gem. Especially when there is a huge amount of value packed into the offer. The find is half of the thrill right? We then love to share it with every girlfriend or person who would listen like “girl you wouldn’t believe what I just found at (insert whichever store here)”.

Well. There is a new venue in town and it is absolutely divine!!!

Remember a few blogs back, I shared with you that seven years later a few family members still feel some type of way because my wedding was small and exclusive. Well, it was. We had exactly twenty guests. I shared that with you because, this amazing new venue is perfect for if you want to have a small, intimate and classy wedding for you and the most important people in your lives. 

Destiny Event Venue is located in the Historic part of Longwood FL, owned and operated by Keith and Lakishia Lovett, who are also owners of the amazing décor company Destiny Divine Kreations. Can you imagine the possibilities? Keith and Lakishia have been decorating and coordinating weddings across the Orlando and Jacksonville area for six years. Now with a venue, there are endless possibilities for amazing creations. I am talking about some custom designs. And the best part?  The venue is primed to be a one-stop shop. With a partnership with Pierre’s Kitchen and Sugar Chic by PS I Got This, you can book your venue and step next door and book your caterer and cake all in the same day. Wouldn’t that be amazing to be able to set up your venue walk-through, your food tasting and your cake tasting all in the same 2-hour window?

There is no obligation to book with the other vendors to book the venue,  there is still amazing value when booking the venue by itself. Their highest price for a weekend wedding is $2,500. But, it is what you get when you book. This price already includes your décor. It comes with acrylic chiavari chairs, your choice of color linens for your tables (including the cake, gift, and head tables), chargers, hanging chandeliers for your wedding ceremony and a beautiful backdrop with uplights. You can customize the décor by upgrading the décor offered in the package for an additional fee. This venue is not exclusive to weddings, it can also be used for other events as well. The maximum capacity that it can entertain is seventy-nine with a dance floor. Check out their facebook here. Contact them via email or text or check out their Instagram page to see the amazing things that are happening at this hidden gem which will soon become “the place” to have all the best classy and glam, intimate events.

We never want to miss out when our favorite store is having some kind of sale on something that we consider of great value for us. Don’t miss out or sleep on this venue. You get a major value for a great price, and the bonus of being situated next to a caterer and a  bakery that makes wedding cakes and desserts? My value for your budget (yes there is that word again) radar was blown away when I walked in the door of this place so I had to come and share this news with you.